The pump that is inside of a hot tub is one of the more vulnerable areas of the entire unit. Water is constantly moving through the system and the motor is almost always working hard. From time to time, different issues can occur with a hot tub pump. These can be very simple problems that are easily repaired, or they can be much more complex issues that will require a complete replacement of the unit.

A hot tub pump is composed of two distinct halves. The half that is exposed to the water is known as the wet end. This half contains a connection for one or more lines that draw water into the unit. There is also a separate connection that discharges the water. An impeller that is made from plastic or metal blades creates the suction that is necessary to move the water from the intake to the discharge. The second half of the pump contains the motor that drives the impeller. The motor is isolated in a waterproof housing to prevent any damage that could be caused by overflowing water.

The wet end of a hot tub pump can malfunction for several reasons. Debris from the inside of the hot tub could be drawn through a filter and then pass towards the impeller. This debris can be large enough to physically stop the impeller from moving. Small amount of debris, however, can build up over time around the impeller blades and can cause the unit to become progressively less effective. It is also possible that this same type of matter could accumulate in the intake or discharge hoses and clog the entire system.

The seals on a hot tub pump can degrade over time. This can reduce the amount of pressure in the system and can cause serious leaks that could damage surrounding equipment. Any damage or debris that is reducing the efficiency of the mechanism could be forcing the motor to work harder and eventually burn out. An aging motor can also just become less efficient from normal wear.

Cleaning out a hot tub pump can solve many minor issues. If the unit is less than a few years old, then it is usually best to only replace the parts that are actually malfunctioning. Hot tubs that have motors that are more than a few years old should have the entire wet and dry halves of the pump replaced to ensure that the water heating system works as efficiently as possible.

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