If you use your spa frequently, you may wish to use some extra accessories that make things a little more convenient. Hot Tub Spa Supplies carries spa and hot tub equipment, parts and accessories that make spa ownership more fun, relaxing and easy, the way life is supposed to be.

Game Solar Shower
Use a solar shower to rinse off before and after a soak. The solar shower has controls for both hot and cold water. It has a platform and hooks up to a garden hose for a quick and convenient dose of water. It's especially helpful to reduce debris tracked into the hot tub if you have to cross the lawn or walk across a patio to hop in.

Hot tubs are great therapeutic tools. If your bones and muscles ache from arthritis, you might like to steady yourself when you get in with extra handrails. Use the LCSTR or LCSR Smart Rail mounted handrails for safety and balance. We also carry the Butler Spa Attendant series, which serves as a handrail, towel holder and serving tray, depending on the model. For separate towel racks and towel bars, check out our products from Ziffeo, Spa Side and lctb.

When water temperature gauges on your spa panels are too far away for everyone to see, or you just want a second opinion, use one of our Game floating thermometers. The duck, dolphin or shark is a great floating conversation piece that lets you know if there are too many people in the water, or if the temperature needs to be turned down.

No matter what brand of spa you have, including Tiger River, Hot Spot, Solana and Hot Spring Spas, we have accessories and hot tub replacement parts to make your spa ownership more convenient and enjoyable.