With spa season just beginning, now is a good time to do a quick inspection of your Caldera spa parts and accessories. After a harsh winter, you might want to set aside some time to check over your spa cover. If you haven't already done a spring cleaning, this is probably a good time for it. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on cleaning solutions, being sure not to use anything abrasive. In fact, it might just need a quick dusting off, rather than a thorough cleaning. Although they are durable, Caldera spa covers occasionally need to be replaced. They are factory made and need to be special ordered to make sure that you have a snug and efficient fit.

Caldera spa covers come in small and medium sizes for the Kuai, Aventine, Tahitian, Marino, Vanto, Oasis, Cumberland, Martinique and Aspire models. They are designed to fit the shape and size for each model.
Large spa covers are needed for specific Caldera designs, including the Palomar, Elation, Geneva, Niagara, Salina and Palantino models.

The Caldera Cantabria spa has a unique size and shape, so you'll need to order one specially designed for this model.

Keep in mind that they are all factory-specific covers, which means that you will receive a confirmation call to verify the serial number, year and model. You will also specify the cover fold and cover color at this time.