Keeping your hot tub clean is an important part of owning one. There are many different elements to maintaining the water at a clean and comfortable level without overworking the different parts of your spa. By doing a regular inspection and maintaining the recommended routine for adding spa chemicals, your spa will provide a refreshing experience and the machine itself will last for several years.

Use a spa cover with a proper fit, keeping it on the machine until you're ready for a soak. Choose the cover from the same manufacturer when possible to ensure that no cold air or debris gets in and that water won't evaporate quickly while the cover is off. Hot Spring covers, for example, come in a variety of colors and styles to enhance the appearance and efficiency of the machine. Elemental and Limelight spa covers also provide a perfect fit for their various models. Keeping the cover on the unit also preserves the water temperature inside when it's not in use so that the hot tub pumps and heaters don't have to work so hard. As a result, they last longer.

Choosing the right hot tub filter ensures that the water is kept clean. More sophisticated filtration systems are available as upgrades, which minimizes the frequency of filter changes while making the pump's job easier. Filters can be cleaned regularly with a specialized filter flosser to remove debris and create a faster, more efficient water flow.

Hot tub pumps are the workhorses of the unit. They provide water flow, allowing the jets to soothe sore muscles and help bathers relax. They are more efficient when the water is clean and the route unblocked. While spa maintenance is simple, getting into a routine of changing chemicals and cleaning or replacing filters regularly makes hot tub pumps last longer and provide a refreshing experience for several years.