In an age when being environmentally-friendly and energy efficient are atop most homeowners' wish lists, hot tubs and spas are keeping up with the times. Most of the spas available on the market today are more energy efficient and eco-friendly than ever. Many brands, including Elemental hot tubs and Caldera spas, don't waste water or electricity. What's more, there are several ways that hot tub owners can adjust their maintenance habits to become even more eco-friendly, which equates to a smaller environmental footprint over time.

Hot Tub Filters
The dirtier the water is, the harder the hot tub has to work. Using a reliable brand, like Tri-X filters, reduces the amount of dirt and debris in the hot tub system and minimizes the workload on the pump and heater. Tri-X ceramic filters, for example, are an efficient replacement for the more traditional polyester filter. The unique ceramic filter design works twice as fast as the older type, cleaning the water better and reducing the frequency of cleaning the filter. It is important to choose a comparable replacement that fits properly and works well with each particular hot tub model. Be sure to check the product description or packaging to make sure that the Hot Spring Tri-X ceramic filter you're buying is the right one for your spa.   

Cleaning Chemicals
Using eco-friendly chemicals is another way to reduce your environmental footprint. When you're using chlorine or bromine for hot tub chemicals, try to add them only at night, after the sun has gone down. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun during the day breaks down the chemicals more quickly. When added at night, they can work without interruption and, as a result, clean the water more efficiently. Since the results last longer, your water will stay clean longer, which reduces the frequency of changes and limits water usage.

Doing a regular inspection of your hot tub's inner plumbing is another greener way to maintain your machine. Check for cracks and plumbing leaks. While a small drip of water may seem unimportant, remember that every small leak adds up over time. Use the proper replacement parts from the manufacturer to repair any leaks and maintain peak efficiency. Look for Watkins spa parts, Tiger River spa parts and Limelight spa parts, to name a few, to keep your spa in working order and reduce water usage.