Relaxing in your hot tub after a long day is always something to look forward to. Maintaining a clean spa is important for a safe and healthy soaking session. Here’s a simple guide to get your hot tub up and running clean water. A clean start for your hot tub. You look out your window into the backyard and see your hot tub covered with build up and stains from the gruesomely long winter. Before you decide to drain your tub, you'll need to add Clean Start to get rid of stubborn bacteria that have been hibernating in your plumbing lines all winter. When the water flows out it's also taking the first step to disinfecting! It is crucial that you add your solution in if you don't want bacteria to stick around after you've purged the tub.


  • Add your Clean Start solution to your hot tub water
  • Turn the hot tub power off.
  • Unscrew the drain cap
  • Connect the garden hose to the drain pipe and let the water drain
  • Once your hot tub is done draining disconnect the garden hose and replace your drain cap


For maintenance, scrub all the build-up that has accumulated over time. When picking out a cleaner for the inside of your hot tub, it's best to use an inexpensive and non-abrasive solution that will leave it streak free. Avoid a full-blown scrub down next time by maintaining your hot tub with a Scum Bug, it will float in your water and collect all the gunk build up you might miss. Refill your hot tub after draining and scrubbing. Now it’s time to add fresh water.


  • Make sure all your drains are closed off and you have removed the filter before filling your tub
  • Place your hose in the middle of the hot tub and only fill the water one inch above the highest jet on cold
  • Now turn the power  to your hot tub back on
  • Turn on your jets and place in your filter

Now that your tub is refilled with fresh, clean water, take a look at your filter. If it’s last year’s filter, it’s probably time for a replacement. Remember to buy the right filter size and brand for your hot tub. Once you have the right filter, replace the old one.

  • Locate and uncap your filter cover
  • Find the bleeder valve and unscrew it
  • Let out air for about 10 seconds then screw the bleeder valve back in
  • Turn the lock ring and remove it
  • Pull out the handle and filter
  • Place in your new filter followed by the handle, press firmly to make sure it seals
  • Screw in your lock ring and place the cover back on

It’s time for testing! After everything is replaced and refilled, let your hot tub run for about 24 hours then check the PH balance with a test strip. Depending on the level of your PH balance use an increaser or decreaser solution. Make sure your hot tub is at least 80 degrees. The safest pH levels are between 7.2 and 7.8. Finally, everything is squeaky clean and ready for use. Give your hot tub a personal touch to leave it luxurious. Freshen it up with a fragrance! Get a fragrance that soothes you whether it's the sweet smell of Peppermint or the tranquil aroma of Lavender, enjoy your new hot tub experience to the fullest; you’ve earned it.