Hot Spring-Highlife-2014-Grandee-NXT-Ice Gray-Monteray Gray-Lifestyle-Couple-06     Changing your hot tub filter regularly - and using the best Hot Springs filter for your hot tub model - is one of the keys to a safe and rewarding hot tub experience. Your Hot Springs hot tub is a haven of relaxation and a fun treat for your family to enjoy. While heavy use will take a toll on your hot tub parts, regular cleaning and maintenance can keep it running smoothly for many years to come. One of the parts you need to pay special attention to is your hot tub filter. In this article, we’ll show you how to pick the right filter for your hot tub and how to care for it. “A great filter is an absolute must for crystal clear water in your hot tub. You’ll need to clean or change it at regular intervals, but the benefits are worth it.”

- Marco, Owner, Hot Tub Spa Supplies

You have several options when choosing hot tub filter. These include:
  • Cartridge filters (made from plastic or polyester - a great basic choice)
  • Diatomaceous earth filters (run water through sediment - another basic option)
  • Sand filters (run water through sand - fewer chemicals but more maintenance)
However, today many hot tub enthusiasts opt for ceramic filters thanks to their value, longevity, and performance. How Do Ceramic Hot Tub Filters Work? Ceramic hot tub filters are the most advanced and cost-effective filtration system available. Ceramic filters also contain extra levels of activated carbon for better filtration protection. The leader among ceramic filters is the Hot Springs Tri-X Filter, which can, thanks to its unique design, filter twice as much as a standard paper filter. Tri-X filters can last for up to five years with proper maintenance and can be used as a direct replacement for all paper/fabric filter cartridges. What makes the Hot Springs Tri-X a favorite with hot tub owners is the ease of use and cleaning. filters   Ceramic Hot Tub Filter Maintenance How often you clean your ceramic hot tub filter depends on the frequency and duration of the hot tub's use and the number of people who use it. Getting in with lotions or cosmetics will increase the filter cleaning frequency, as will dust and other debris in the air when the hot tub cover is off. While traditional filters needs to be hosed off to every two weeks, the Tri-X ceramic filter can be dropped in a dishwasher once a month. You can also use a hose and some filter degreaser to clean your ceramic filter. First, soak the filter in the degreaser then lay it on a clean surface and spray it down. (For dishwasher cleaning, please ensure that there is no soap or detergent in the dishwasher and the drying cycle is in off-mode.) Recap: Why the Hot Spring Tri-X Filter is a Great Choice Image 3   We recommend the Hot Spring Tri-X filter because it is designed to hold up to repeated use and allows for easy washing. This high-quality filter works similarly to traditional replacement filters, but has three main advantages:
  1. The Hot Springs Tri-X Filter is wallet-friendly, being more affordable than all other ceramic filters without compromising on quality or function.
  1. Tri-X customers say it is by far the easiest filter to clean. In fact, you can clean it by just running it through the dishwasher.
  1. It cleans exceptionally well, even when faced with hard water issues or excessive dirt and debris.
Finally, the last big advantage of a ceramic filter like the Tri-X is that it has far fewer working pieces than traditional plastic or paper filters. This means it is easier to remove, clean and reinstall. If you’re looking for a long-lasting, affordable and effective solution for your hot tub filter needs, the Hot Springs Tri-X Ceramic filter is perfect for you! How was your experience with the Hot Springs Tri-X filter? Let us know in the comments!