Depending on the manufacturer and type of spa or hot tub you buy, you will have different options for jets. They are not difficult to change out, but have a significant effect on your hot tub experience. Hot Tub Spa Supplies carries a variety of hot tub replacement parts, including spa jets. Here is a look at some of the different types available and what they can do.

- Oscillating jets produce a wavy stream that is helpful for a sore back. These can shoot a soothing underwater stream. When coupled with other oscillating jets, the effect is more intense.

- Swirl jets rotate the water into a spiral. This offers a massaging effect on the entire body. They frequently come with a pressure adjustment dial or valve to help you get the swirl stream just right.

- Whirlpool jets are probably the most well-known type of water jet. They are the type you see at the physical therapist and sometimes on TV. They provide a robust, deep massage. These are often found about hip to torso height for the fullest effects.

- A simple stream of bubbles is usually courtesy of air jets. They are good for simple relaxation. Mini-jets are more concentrated and intense.

Keep in mind that some brands, like Hot Spring spas, have several different types of jets on each model. Clusters will work a group of muscles, while a single jet is usually aimed at one specific body part or sore spot. Depending on where in the tub they are located, different parts of the body will benefit more than others from each jet. For example, jets in the foot well are designed for the feet, but will provide additional water movement when no one is sitting in that area. If you have a specific type of spa experience in mind, we can help you find the right deign and right type of jet.