Spa control panels are one secret to keeping your spa comfortable and relaxing. Have you taken the time to really look at your spa control panel? While each one is different, they all basically have similar functions. One of our most popular manufacturers is Hot Spring. Let's take a look at some of the features available on its spa control systems. They typically have a spa control system accessible from the main outside panel and from an easy-to-reach auxiliary panel on the inside area of the spa. Some Hot Spring spas also offer a control panel option to install inside your home for quick access before you go outdoors to enjoy the spa.

Spa panels allow you to regulate the temperature up or down as needed. This comes in handy when people join or leave the tub. Memory settings make it simple to adjust the temperatures to comfortable standards. Hot Spring spas also offer a backlit display to make it easier to see controls at night or at twilight from inside or outside the tub.

Water movement is another adjustment to make from the control panel. Speed up or slow down the agitation. The increase or decrease in water movement can change the use of therapeutic jets versus a still tranquility setting. Water features, such as water arc flows, can also be adjusted from the control panel.

Some Hot Spring spas come with colored lights in the tub. This feature is also accessible from both interior and exterior panels. Just one zone or color can be activated, or a rotation through the sequencer can change the mood to more tranquil or more active, depending upon the preference of the hot tubbers.

The best way to find out what options are available on your spa control panel is to look at your owner's manual. Sometimes when something is new, we tend to learn the basics and forget to go back later and check out the additional features. Take the opportunity now to look over your manual and find out what capabilities your spa has that your are not using. You might learn some new tricks and features available with your spa control panels.