One way to extend the life of your spa is to set aside a little time every few months to check the spa chemicals and keep it clean. If it needs attention more frequently, move up your cleaning regimen to a more comfortable schedule. Draining and cleaning your shell isn't difficult, but be sure to do it according to manufacturer's directions to prevent scratches and damage while removing any residue build-up. Drain the spa, using a mild detergent and non-abrasive sponges to clean the surface. Don't forget the areas on the upper surface and around the jets. Use a hose or a bucket to make sure it is thoroughly rinsed. Wipe it dry to prevent water spots and make sure that the surface is clean. For stubborn spots, use a diluted bleach solution and non-abrasive cleaning materials. Once the shell has been cleaned, refill it with water. Add your spa chemicals as directed. Pay special attention to the water temperature before adding in the chemicals, as most require the water to reach about 80 degrees for the proper reaction.

If you find that your spa needs frequent maintenance, one way to reduce build-up is to rinse off before getting in each time. While it takes an extra few minutes and may even make you a little chilly in the wintery outdoors ducking from shower to spa, an indoor or outdoor shower can remove any loose dirt, dust or makeup which would otherwise come off in the tub. This increases the lifespan of your hot tub filters and helps keep your water cleaner longer.

Hot tub covers provide protection from dirt, debris and evaporation. Keep it on until a short while before you're ready to use it. This will extend the life of your hot tub filters and help to keep your chemicals balanced. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning the top and the underside of the lid.