With St. Patrick's Day approaching, the idea of a hot tub party in slightly chilly weather is inviting. Even if you're not Irish, you can still celebrate the wearing of the green. Mid-March is prime time for a hot tub party, and St. Patrick's Day is just as good an excuse as any to have one. Although green water in the spa is not recommended, there are many other ways to prepare, decorate and dress up your deck and hot tub for the occasion.

Now is the time to invite a few friends. For a little extra fun, make it pot luck in the evening. This will help you save on expenses and give your friends a chance to express themselves. Ask Guests to bring something Irish or green. This way you won't wind up with a lot of potatoes and nothing else.

Provide green plastic hats or leis at the door or on the deck for those guests who are feeling especially festive.

Whether you have a Tiger River, Hot Spring, Caldera or other brand of hot tub doesn't matter. Take the time to clean and refresh your hot tub at least the day before your party. Clean or change the spa filters and spa chemicals as needed.

Decide on approximately how many guests you are having, then adjust the water temperature accordingly. Leave plenty of time for the hot tub water to heat up to a comfortable temperature before guests arrive.

Hang up green and white streamers outdoors to encourage people to come outdoors in chilly weather. Put the beverages and food outside as well, to encourage people to enjoy the hot tub. Put on some Irish music for an added twist.

Be sure to provide a bottle or two of green food coloring for guests who cannot survive St. Patrick's Day without a green beverage. Provide a package of baby wipes on the table for those who overdo it and get green food coloring on their fingertips.

Provide extra towels and a place to change for guests who are hot tubbing. If the weather is extremely chilly, have a warm place inside for people to warm up. After it's all said and done, visit our facebook page and let us know how it went!