Hot Spring Chemicals
Keep Your Water Clean with FreshWater Chemicals   A quick look at the different varieties of fresh water chemicals and how to pick the right ones for your Hot Spring Spa® system   Hot tubs are a significant, long-term investment in your personal health, relaxation and enjoyment – and need to be cared for appropriately. While there are many components to your Hot Spring Spa system, it is essential to maintain the cleanliness of the water.   Keeping water sanitary is not only important to prevent damage to your hot tub, but also for the people that use it, because you want to keep them safe.   The FreshWater line of Hot Spring Spa Care products has been developed exclusively for Hot Spring Spa owners to keep water at its freshest. These products have been approved for use with your spa and will help you get the most out of your hot tub experience.   Essential Chemicals and Tools for Routine Maintenance Here are 5 types of chemicals and tools we recommend to keep your Hot Springs Spa water clean throughout the year. Not every item is right for every hot tub, so always remember to choose the specific model/product numbers referenced in your Hot Springs Spa owner’s guide.   Test Strips: A convenient way to monitor the chlorine, bromine, pH, alkalinity and total hardness levels of your spa water   Chlorine Granules: An efficient, PH-neutral and completely soluble way to keep your water clean   PH/Alkalinity UP & DOWN: Effectively balance your water’s PH levels to extend the life of your hot tub   Calcium Removers: Soften hard water, protect spa components and leave your skin feeling silky smooth   Filter Cleaners: Maximize water flow and keep your filters functioning at peak efficiency   For a complete solution to your hot tub care needs, our FreshWater Spas Care Kit is a convenient way to get all the hot tub care items you need in one box. It also makes a great holiday gift that lasts all year!   Hot Tub Spa Supplies Has You Covered To make sure your water quality is the best it can be throughout your term of ownership, and so your Hot Springs Spa system lasts as long as possible, we are proud to carry a huge selection of Hot Spring Spa FreshWater chemicals.   To find the right item for your needs, check out our complete selection of FreshWater chemicals today - there's still plenty of time to buy before the holidays!   If you have additional questions or need assistance, please contact us today.   Other Considerations   Things like winterizing your hot tub, going on extended vacations and emptying/refilling, all require chemicals as well. We are happy to assist you in selecting the right chemicals for these jobs.                     Meta description: A quick look at the different varieties of fresh water chemicals and how to pick the right ones for your Hot Spring Spa® system