Many people nowadays try to reduce their environmental effects whenever possible. While most hot tubs do not use much water on a regular basis, there are ways to be more eco-friendly with your spa. Hot Tub Spa Supplies has a few tips for you. We also have a number of products that can reduce your carbon footprint and reduce water usage.

Keep a lid on your spa whenever you're not in it. This prevents excessive water evaporation and minimizes how often you have to add water to your spa. When you do fill your tub, do it in the cooler hours when the sun is down and there is less water evaporation as it fills.

Water Supply
Use a garden hose to fill your spa, rather than filling up containers of water which are prone to spilling. Check the water spigot for leaks and tighten the water connections if necessary.

Routine spa maintenance will reduce how often you fill and change your hot tub. Check it regularly for water leaks. A neglected tub will require additional draining and refilling. Change the filter as recommended by the manufacturer. If you have a Hot Spring Spa, consider using the Dual Core Pleatco Pure advanced filtering system. Another option is the Tri-X Filter. They both last longer and clean the water faster and more thoroughly than the average hot tub filter. As a result, the water stays cleaner longer and does not need to be changed as often.

Silk Balance
Silk Balance is a chlorine-free water care formula that gives you crystal clear water without using harsh chemicals that can affect the environment. Silk Balance has a shake-and-pour container, so you'll have fewer containers to use and wash than with other spa water maintenance systems.

If you take a dip in your spa frequently, consider reducing the number of towels you use. When immediately hung up to dry, towels can be used more than once without smelling damp. Wait until you have several other towels or linens before laundering them to make a full load.