Spa covers come in many shapes and forms. Some are easier to remove than others. Use hot tub covers to keep the heat and moisture in and the debris out when you're not soaking. At Hot Tub Spa Supplies, we carry a variety of models to fit your spa perfectly. Attach a hot tub cover lifter to make an easy transition from on to off and back again. This is especially helpful for people who want to take a soak by themselves and have no one to help them remove the cover. Some lids are heavier than others, so it can be difficult, depending on the model. The Covermate systems remove the strain of taking the cover off and putting it back on by lifting it and stowing it beside the unit.

Covermate I
Be sure to check whether your spa brand and model can be used with the standard bracket mounting system that comes with the Covermate I. There are specialty brackets available for an adjustable fit for even more brand and model options, which can be special ordered. This cover lifter needs about 10 or 15 inches of stowage behind your spa, depending on the cover, spa size and model.

Covermate II
Similar to the Covermate I, this model requires 18 inches behind your spa and offers base plate mounting that slides under the spa. It comes with a TowelMate accessory for a convenient place to hang your towels while you're in the tub.

Covermate III
The Covermate III is ideal for stowing your spa cover in tight spaces. It only requires about 6 inches of clearance space behind your hot tub to tuck away. Like the Covermate I, it's made of aluminum tubing that's powder coated for an attractive and durable finish. This hydraulic cover lift is bracket-mounted and operates smoothly, with little effort. This is ideal for people with lifting restrictions who need an ergonomic design. If you have a larger spa, order the DeckMount bracket separately for an extended pivot arm and bracket assembly.

How It Works
After installation, you can remove your hot tub cover with help from the Covermate I by standing either inside or outside your hot tub. After you flip the lid in half, you can either climb inside the tub and push the lid backward or to stand outside the basin and pull the bar backward. To closeit, simply reverse the process. Similar to the Covermate I, the Covermate III is more hydraulic-based, and does most of the work for you. It is easier to manipulate the hot tub cover lifter by standing outside the unit. It also has a lock bar that prevents movement in standard weather conditions.