Water filtration and technology is a priority in the design of Hot Spring spas. The advanced filtration technology keeps your unit running clean and smooth. Hot Spring filters make sure that any debris in the water is caught without causing clogs or damage to your system.

Tri-X® Filters
Hot Spring spas use Trix® filters to remove debris and bacteria from the water. This keeps it clean and safe. They are used as a standard spa filter on most Hot Spring spas and can be adapted to most other models if you prefer.

Silent Filtration
When it comes to Hot Spring circulation pumps, the SilentFlo 5000® offers a continual filtration as long as the spa is turned on and receiving power. Some brands of hot tubs require the owner to turn on a special cycle to allow the filtration system to keep the unit clean and comfortable. The silent filtration feature prevents the loud noise often associated with spas due to the extra pumping cycles needed to heat and clean the water. Since it runs constantly, it's always ready and doesn't need to consume extra energy with power cycles.

No Bypass
One way to keep your hot tub water clean and prevent extra build-up on your interior spa parts is to have all of the water pumped through the filtration unit. On Hot Spring Spa models, there is no filtration bypass, so the
water always passes through the hot tub filters. Some other brand manufacturers bypass the filters when the jets are running. This pumps dirty, unfiltered water into the unit, which shortens the life span of the motor and other spa parts.

Ozone System
Another way that Hot Spring spas are kept clean is through the use of ozone injectors. The ozone system improves how well certain chemicals work, and it also reduces bacterial growth in the water. When the ozone injector is clogged and the hose has build-up in it, the unit can be flushed and cleaned by putting one end of the tube into a bucket full of vinegar and letting the unit run, breaking down the build-up of minerals.