How often you need to drain and change your water depends on a number of factors. A good indicator it's time to do so is when the water gets cloudy. A typical range of water change is about two to four months. There are several things you can do to maximize the amount of time between water changes. Hot tubbing when the water is dirty and cloudy isn't refreshing, and it's not very healthy. Keeping your water clean with regular maintenance will help to prevent cloudiness.

1. Encourage everyone using your spa to rinse off before they get in. This reduces the amount of residue from hair products, antiperspirants, make-up and oils in the water. An outdoor shower near your hot tub is a good way to encourage a quick rinse.

2. Change or clean your spa filter regularly. Spray your filter cartridge with a garden hose to keep water running smoothly. Replace your spa filter about every three years. Consider using higher line hot tub filters, such as the Tri-X Ceramic Cartridge Filter, for cleaner water. It traps smaller debris than a standard spa filter, keeping your water cleaner longer.
3. Maintain your spa chemicals at the proper levels. Checking your levels regularly keeps the water from getting cloudy more quickly.

4. Wear sandals or flip-flops when you're walking around before you get into your spa. This includes that short walk from your outdoor shower to the hot tub. Whether you're indoors or outdoors, your feet can pick up a surprising amount of dust, pollen and particles.

5. Residue can collect in the hot tub heaters, hoses, plumbing tubes and jets. Flush your hot tub's interior plumbing parts right before you drain your hot tub.  Remove your spa filter and add a commercial flushing agent according to the manufacturer's instructions. At Hot Tub Spa Supplies, we carry Spa Purge by Natural Chemistry, which can be used for an initial fill and with every water change.

We offer a wide range of spa filters and spa chemicals to help keep your hot tub water clean and clear between changes. Order yours today.