2013 Caldera Cantabria


2013 Caldera Cantabria Model CAB is indicated by the letter in the serial number. for example.

Serial Number  CAB-3R2015 the serial number would read CAB is model  3 third quarter R year(2013) and 2015 is the unit number made.



9' x 7.7' x 38"

108" x 93" x 38"

Seating Capacity = 8

Water Capacity:
550 gallons

Dry: 1160 lbs.

Filled: 6,940 lbs.

Electrical Req:
230v, 50A, 60 Hz, GFCI Protected Circuit. (230 VAC, 70 Amp Optional)
Monarch CD Ozone (Factory Installed)
Filter: (1 ea.)

74817- 100 sq.ft. filter

Spa Frog ® Water Care
Cartridge Ready
Aquatic Melodies ® Entertainment System
Optional Wireless Multi-Source Sound System (Optional Factory Installed)
LED Lighting System
Spa Glow ®, multi-zone system, interior & exterior (Dimmable

Below is a list of common replacement items. Be sure to see specifications page for parts diagrams or related Videos