74070 Caldera Blower 1hp

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74070 Caldera Blower 1hp
74070 Caldera Blower 1hp

This Caldera spa air blower is a 1 hp 240 volt/2.4 amps complete blower kit produced but Watkins. It has a 1.5" tapered fitting on outlet, the dimensions are 9" long , 6.5" wide and 6.75" height.

Removal of the 2002 Current UTO/PAR Blower:

  1. Disconnect power to the spa and access the equipment/pump compartment.
  2. Access the control box.
  3. Disconnect the blower connector wires from the terminals.
  4. There are three (3) zip ties along the path of the power cord. These will need to be cut in order to free the cord.
  5. Remove the two (2) screws that hold the blower to the plumbing. There is one on the top lip and one on the bottom. Then remove the four (4) screws that hold the blower against the equipment compartment wall.
  6. The blower can then be pulled out of the plumbing system.

74070 Caldera Blower 1hp is for the following models:

Make Model Date Range
Caldera Tahitian 2000-Current
Caldera Niagara 2000-Current
Caldera Geneva 2000-Current
Caldera Cantabria 2009-Current
Caldera Hawaiian 2000-2002
Caldera Elation 2009-2010

Item Description Part #
1 Blower 1HP 220V 74070
2 Kit Pre - 2002 Blower Wire Conv 72500
3 Valve Del 1/3# Check CO-0101 022001
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