73185 Caldera Light Module Spa Glow

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73185 Caldera Light Module Spa Glow
73185 Caldera Light Module Spa Glow

This device connects the down light, water fall, grab handle and tub light to the spa controller system. The lights can now be controlled through the spa aux panel.

The box is typically located next to the control box and at the discretion of the technician can be mounted on the any wood structural piece. 


When a light is dimmed or out it maybe necessary to do the following:

1. Power down the spa

2. Disconnect the light that is out from the module and restart the spa.Check the light to see if it is operating properly.

Note: When one light is out, the remaining lights will share the total amp draw, as more light go out the the remaining lights will increase in light intensity because of the sharing of the totally draw. Bright lights typically indicate a light or two have gone out.

73185 Caldera Light Module Spa Glow is for the following models: 

Make Model Date Range
Caldera Tahitian 2002-2008
Caldera Niagara 2002-2008
Caldera Geneva 2002-2008
Caldera Hawaiian 2002-2008
Caldera Kauai 2002-2008
Caldera Martinique 2002-2008
Caldera Aspire 2004-2008
Caldera Elation 2003-2008

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