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73369 Light 2000 Fixture Gray Body

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73369 Light 2000 Fixture Gray Body
73369 Light 2000 Fixture Gray Body

Replacment light lense assembly for 1998-2005 Caldera Models


Item Description p/n
1a Kit Coupler Led downlight 2005-current 72511
1b* Kit, coupler, f/o downlight (2002-2004) 73741/na
2 Kit, harn power, mc light 72507/na
3 Kit, harn interface, mc light 72506/na
4 Kit, harness, led grab bar 72510/na
5a Kit, light assy, led color 72508
5b Kit, light assy, led blue 72509/na
6 Kit, module, spa, glo led 73185
7 Kit, led harn cal bartop waterfall 74081/na
8a Kit, harn, led downlight, 12' (2005-curr) 72513
8b* Kit, harn, f/o downlight, 12' (2002-2004) 73742/na
9 Reflector, large '02-'05 301232/na
10a* Kit, light lens, uto/par '02-'05 73369
10b Kit, light lens, uto/par '06-curr 74007/na
11 Kit, downlight housing 72175
11a Kit, housing cover, light 72343/na
* Kit, grab bar 9" fst-cl led 72512
* Kit, spaglo led light system 72442/na
* Kit, black spiral tube light 72731
* Kit, filter recess light lens 73743/na
* Kit, f/o wallftg cal 73912/na
* Kit, harn, led filter comp (2004-2006) 73184/na
* Kit, harn, led waterfall (2004-2006) 73183/na
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