No one needs to be convinced that pools are absolutely great for summer fun, get togethers, and celebrating all the summer holidays. However, many people overlook the dangers of owning a pool. Pool safety is paramount since there are roughly four thousand drowning deaths with four times that amount injured annually in the United States alone.

Don't let those numbers sway you. A pool is still an extremely safe luxury to have. By staying informed, those injuries can be prevented. Let's look at how we can keep our pools and backyards safe for endless summer fun.

Security For Your Family

The most important thing you can do for your family's fun and safe summer is to always have an adult on hand to supervise the pool. Even the best swimmer can get into trouble so having a pair of eyes keeping everyone safe is absolutely necessary. Younger children should have flotation toys if they are not strong swimmers and older children should be taught how to look out for their family members and friends.

Slips and falls are another source of injury that can be prevented. Slip-proof mats can be placed around the pool that will provide good traction even when wet. This will help stop falls onto the concrete walkway around the pool or from a fall into the pool itself.

A pool alarm is a great safety device. A pool alarm floats in the water and will sound if the water surface is disturbed. This device is used when the pool is not in use, keeping parents alert if someone enters the pool unsupervised or accidentally.

Security For The Neighborhood

Depending on state and local laws, a homeowner can be held liable if someone sneaks into their pool and is injured or drowns. This seems unfair, but it is designed to place the burden of safety on the homeowner even if someone is trespassing. Not everyone that falls into a pool is deliberately trying to trespass. For example, small children might not know better when they wander into a neighbor's backyard.

Security and safety are one in the same in this case. Having the backyard fenced in with a locked gate prevents accidents and helps deter trespassing. Pool alarms are also essential since gates can be accidently left unlocked or a persistent teen can climb over a fence.

The pool alarm will sound as soon as the surface of the water is disturbed. The pool alarm can also be set with a high sensitivity to ensure that it will sound even if a small child or neighborhood pet falls in.

Pool safety is one part preparation and one part careful attention. Having all of the necessary pool safety devices installed prior to the start of the season or at the end of this season is the best way to start off the next year right. When the summer rolls around, make sure everyone in the family looks out for each other and takes swimming seriously and every summer will be a safe, fun season.