The latest Hot Spring circulation pump model is in stock at Hot Tub Spa Supplies. The new model is called the E-5. This model is a replacement for the Silent 5000, Tiger River and Limelight models. It is also a replacement for the Hot Springs circulation pumps that were single speed dating back to the year 1986. The E-5 pump does not come with the cord, so if you are purchasing this pump to replace an older model, make sure to keep the cord from your old pump. The E-5 pump has better hydraulics than the Silent 5000, Tiger River and Limelight models. The better hydraulics will provide a better flow for your spa, which reduces your operating costs. Additionally, the E-5 has a run dry shut-off feature that provides extra protection.

If you have a circulation pump that you think needs replacing, you may need to first do a little troubleshooting. If your pump is giving low water flow to the heater, your spa filter is probably clogged. You should clean your circulation pump chemically about once every three months. You need to use a spa filter degreaser that is compatible with your filter. If you use the type of filter cleaner that is not a degreaser, you may ruin your filters. The other type of filter cleaners are meant for removing calcium deposits. If your filter does not have calcium deposits, using these types of filter cleaners will react with make-up and body oils, potentially ruining the spa filters.

If your old circulation pump is beyond repair, the E-5 Hot Spring circulation pump could be the answer. You may also want to consider purchasing the new E-5 model if you want a smoother flow that uses less electricity and saves you money in the long run. This replacement model is available now through our store at an excellent price.