022001 Blower Del Check Valve

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022001 Blower Del Check Valve
022001 Blower Del Check Valve

Blower Del 1/3lb Check Valve

1 1/2 or 2 inch plumbing for hot tub spas.

Tub T-Stat Sensor Fitting


  • This part holds the thermistor in place while providing a water tight seal around the thermistor. The fitting holds the thermistor so it will be in contact with the water in the spa.

Replacement Instructions

  1. Locate the fitting in the upper portion of the spa sheer wall in the equipment compartmet above the jet pump.
  2. Make sure the water is below the fitting before loosening the fitting collar.
  3. Turn the keep nut at the end of the fitting counter clockwise and remove the thermistor.
  4. Turn the collar holding the fitting against the wall counter clockwise and pull through the water side.
  5. Replace in reverse order 4 to 1.
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