72991 Jet Pump 1.5 HP 2 SPD

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72991 Jet Pump 1.5 HP 2 SPD
72991 Jet Pump 1.5 HP 2 SPD

The jet pump provides water pressure for the hydrotherapy system by recirculating water from the spa, drawing it through the skimmer and filtration system, and forcing the water through the fixed jets, rotary jets and jetstream. These pumps are designed for the presence of water at all times.

The opening at the bottom of the door is a vent for the heat generated by the operation of the jet pump. The vent will eliminate the problem of overheating pump motors and protect the other components from excessive heat. It is important that the vent opening be kept clear at all times. If the vent opening becomes obstructed, overheating of the jet pump may occur. 

72991 Jet Pump 1.5 HP 2 SPD is for the following models:

Make Model Date Range
Hot Spot Relay 2010-Current
Hot Spot Rhythm 2010-Current
Hot Spot Tempo 2010-Current
Hot Spot Mallorca 2003-2009
Hot Spot La Palma 2008-2009
Hot Spot Sprint 2010-2011
Hot Spot Dash 2010-2011
Caldera Martinique 2008-2015
Caldera Palatino 2010-Current
Caldera Marino 2010-Current
Caldera Vanto 2011-Current
Caldera Palomar 2004-2005
Caldera Olympia 2002-2009
Caldera Cima 2010-2011
Caldera Lina 2010-2011



  • 2.5 HP, 2 SP, 230V, 60 HZ, 11 AMP (High Speed)
  • 2.5 HP, 2 SP, 230V, 60 HZ, 3.3 AMP (LowSpeed)
  1. Disconnect power to the spa.
  2. Access the equipment compartment.
  3. Drain the spa.
  4. Disconnect the the jet pump from the control box.
  5. Remove the copper bonding wire from the bonding lug on the jet pump motor.
    Drain the pump by removing bleedline from the drain barbfitting or plug.
  6. Turn the jet pump unions counterclockwise on the intake and discharge of the jet pump to disconnect them from the plumbing.
    Note: Make sure to save the union o-rings.
  7. Remove the mounting bolt(s) securing the jet pump to the equipment compartment floor.
  8. Remove the jet pump from the equipment compartment.
  9. To reinstall the jet pump, reverse steps 1 to 9.
    Important: Make sure that the jet pump union o-rings are properly seated when re-tightening the unions.

Item No Part No Description
1 71415 Magnifold xp Magnetek 
2 ** Motor, mag, 48fr, 1.5/.18 hp, 8.0/2.6a, 230v
3 71036 Fitting, compress 2" w/o-ring
4 71693 Volute 48fr xp2
5 71447 Kit, shaft seal assembly
6 71404/na Impeller 1.5 hp, xp
7 71409 Wear ring, xp
8 71554 o-ring, volute
9 71696 Cover, suction xp2
10 32267 Drain plug, pump
11 72344 Kit, cal pump hose duct
12 017066 Mount, rubber-pump
13a 72178/na Cord 2-spd 14/4 60in pre2002
13b 72461 Kit, pump cord 14/4 2spd strs 2002 - curr
14 71413 Screw, 8-32 x 5/8, (xp volute)
15 34447 O-ring, compress fitting 2"
16 71594 O-ring, drain
* 72991 Pump, 1.5 hp, 230v 60 hz, 2 spd, xp2


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