Hot Spring Spas 71825 Replacement Hot Spring Filter

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Hot Spring Spas 71825 Replacement Hot Spring Filter
Hot Spring Spas 71825 Replacement Hot Spring Filter

Replacement Hot Spring Filter

This Hot Spring spa models replacement filter is made with high quality polyester material. This allows for a better and more efficient clean and flow for spas.

Handle the filter with care when installing. Compatible with 1989 to current Hot Spring Highlife, Hot Spot, and Solana spa models.

*Check specs section for full list of compatible models and years.


Make Model Date Range
Hot Spring Grandee 1991-Current
Hot Spring Vista 2004-2013
Hot Spring Envoy 2004-Current
Hot Spring Vanguard 2001-Current
Hot Spring Grandee NXT 2014-Current
Hot Spring Envoy NXT 2014-Current
Hot Spring Jetsetter NXT 2014-Current
Hot Spring Jetsetter 1991-Current
Hot Spring Prodigy 1991-Current
Hot Spring Sovereign 1991-Current
Hot Spring Alccolade 2005-2006
Hot Spring Landmark 1997-2003
Hot Spring Summit 1995-1996
Hot Spring Aria 2007-2015
Hot Spring Highlife ILE 2003
Hot Spot RLX 1998-2002
Hot Spot SLX 1998-2002
Hot Spot SX 2011-Current
Hot Spot TX 2011-Current
Hot Spot SLXtra 2001-2002
Hot Spot RE 1998-2002
Hot Spot SE 1998-2000
Solana SX 2003-2010
Solana TX 2000-2010
Solana RX 2003-2009
Caldera Tarino 2013-Current

Item Description Part #
1 Cap Standpipe 3-/12" (grey) 36513
2 Filter Cartridge 30 sq feet 71825
3 Standpipe* 76504
4 Wallfitting #1 Front 30488
5 O-Ring red Wallfitting Front 30482
6 Kit Rear Wallfitting 30490
** Weir Ring Gray SX/RX Only 71644
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