Hot Spring spas provide owners with comfort, enjoyment and efficiency. Like any spa, however, the key to keeping the water comfortable and safe is proper maintenance of the filter. Hot Spring filters come in a variety of different models. The filter physically sorts out debris that could damage internal spa parts or cloud the water. Some even have chemical treatments that kill bacteria. It is important to take the necessary steps to keep the filters working properly. This causes the motor and jets to last longer while also keeping the water as clean as possible.

Manual Cleaning

Every filter inside of a Hot Spring spa requires regular manual cleanings in order to function properly. The best policy is to remove the cylinder from the tub at least once every two weeks. The entire part needs a thorough washing to be able to remove all of the dirt located between the pleats and inside the actual filtration material. An easy way to wash the part is to use the HS Filter Flosser. This device is a crescent-shaped hose attachment that sends powerful jets of water into the spaces between the pleats. The whole cylinder should be soaked after rinsing it in a solution that includes some gentle cleanser, but not bleach. The filter must dry completely before reinstallation.


All Hot Spring filters require replacement at some point. This should occur at least once every year in the spring. Spas used on a daily basis throughout the year require replacement twice a year or every season. An HS Hot Spring replacement filter is simple to remove and install. Failure to install a replacement reduces the effectiveness of filtration the material, allowing dirt and debris to remain in the water. Another problem that could occur is when the mesh becomes oversaturated, causing the pump to work harder to move water through the system.


One of the best ways to keep a Hot Spring spa in good working order is to keep two or more filters available throughout the year. This allows for rotation that makes the spa ready for use at all times and extends the life of the parts. Rotation is an especially useful technique when using parts like the Hot Spring Micro Ban filter that removes bacteria from the water. Rotation means installing a clean cylinder in the spa while the newly removed dirty one dries after a thorough cleaning. Long drying times help to remove any residual bacteria on the surface.