Is your hot tub water heater working? One of the complaints people have is that their hot tub water is very slow to heat up. This could be the sign of a bad heater, but it could be something else. Once the tub is set up, it is best to leave the hot tub heater on 24-hours-a-day. If you have turned off the heater for some time, the water should be hot within 30 minutes. When you get in and it the water is lukewarm, there is a problem.

Some hot tub owners are hopeful that the water will start feeling warmer, so they stay in the spa and wait. Yes, the water does heat up, but it's not because the heater is working, it's from body heat. There are a number of potential reasons the heater may not be working. It could be the heater itself, or it could be another issue that in turn causes the heater to not do its job.

If your water is not heating up properly, check your hot tub filter before you do anything else. Changing your hot tub filters regularly not only keep your water clean, they allow proper water circulation. If cleaning or replacing your water filter doesn't solve the problem, you may need to call in a professional. We can recommend a technician, if you need one.

At Hot Tub Spa Supplies, we sell many replacement parts for spas and hot tubs. If you know the model name and year, we probably carry it. To find out, you can check the inventory on our website or give us a call. We'll help you find out. We carry hot tub replacement parts for Tiger River, Caldera, Hot Spring spas, and more.