There are many different ways to make your outdoor patio a more comfortable place. Choose a hot tub or spa that enhances the area and make it the centerpiece of your patio. Select a shape and style that fits comfortably. Interior and exterior colors should coordinate with the rest of your patio furniture. While it's a nice place for family and friends to congregate, there are several elements that can be coordinated or combined with your hot tub or spa to enhance the deck or patio even further.

Fireplaces, fire pits and chimineas are all options for outdoor warmth and atmosphere. Depending on the amount of space available and the presence of a wind break, these make three very different shades of elegance, depending on the type of fire structure. Coordinate the stone surrounding the outdoor fireplace with the patterns and ground cover by your hot tub for a more appealing look.

Overhead Shelter
Cover overhead gives depth to a patio. Use a canopy or awning to provide shade from the sun, rain and snow, especially in the hot tub area. A retractable awning can be stretched out on sunny or snowy days, then retracted on lightly overcast days or when the fresh air and blue sky are too perfect to cover. Coordinate the decor and color with undertones from the other pieces, including the hot tub. A pergola covered with greenery or vines adds a splash of color.

Fragrant flowers will transform the patio into an even more welcoming place. Add planter boxes with bold flowers or fragrant herbs. Plants make the patio more cozy and relaxing. Tall trees and shrubs can serve as a windbreak and block the view of the neighbors or passersby. Another option for a windbreak for the hot tub is a fence.

Outdoor Furniture
Use outdoor tables and chairs for entertaining, snacking and relaxing. Outdoor storage cabinets are ideal for keeping hot tub chemicals and hot tub spa supplies outdoors during comfortable temperatures. This makes it not only convenient to use them when needed, but adds an element of neatness to the overall patio appearance.