Hot Spring Spas 70849 Tiger River Valve Diverter Kit

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Hot Spring Spas 70849 Tiger River Valve Diverter Kit
Hot Spring Spas 70849 Tiger River Valve Diverter Kit

Water Diverter Valve

This part is a replacement Smart Jet water diverter valve kit with o-rings for your Hot Spring hot tubs. Divert the water to different sections of the spa jets by turning the valve to one of the two positions.

Replace this part if the current valve is hard to turn or is broken. Compatible with a variety of 1994 to 1997 Hot Spring Highlife and Tiger River spa models.

*Check specs section for full list of compatible models and years.


Make Model Date Range
Hot Spring Grandee 1994-1997
Hot Spring Jetsetter 1994-1997
Hot Spring Prodigy 1994-1997
Hot Spring Sovereign 1994-1997
Hot Spring Highlife 1994-1997
Hot Spring Classic 1994-1997
Hot Spring Sovereign IH 200v 1994-1996
Hot Spring Classic FH 220v 1994-1996
Tiger River Sumatran 1994
Tiger River Tondi 1995-1996
Tiger River Khyber 1994
Tiger River Manora 1994-1996
Tiger River Tondi PH 220 1996

Item Description Part #
1 Body, Diverter Valve (2 Position) 37704
2 Nut, Diverter Valve 75117
3 O-ring 34319
4 Collar, Diverter Valve 75116
5  Diverter Valve Kit  70849
6a  Diverter Bezel 2IN 94 34310
6b Diverter Bezel 2IN Grey 36220
7   Snap Ring, Diverter Valve 34350 
8  Diverter Valve Kit Screw 8-16x1/2  33850
9a  Air Control And Diverter Valve Screw Cap White 33833 
9b Air Control And Diverter Valve Cap Gray Quarite 36224
10 Diverter Valve Lever White  34311 
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