74380 Aux. Panel 2 Pump

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74380 Aux. Pannel 2 Pump
74380 Aux. Pannel 2 Pump

Update: Discontinued

Auxiliary Control Panel 2 Pump

This part is a replacement aux. panel 2 pump for select Caldera hot tubs. The main display shows which spa functions are active (light, jets, locking features).The control head, located on the bar top, consists of an electronic board and housing with a conformal-coated moisture, resistant barrier. The control head serves as an interface between the control panel and the control box.

When the control panel is used to activate one of these functions, the control head registers the command and sends a signal to the control box, telling it to activate the chosen function. Compatible with 2002 to current Utopia series Caldera spa models.

*Check specs section for full list of compatible models and years. Software updates are required for replacement.


Make Model Date Range
Caldera Tahitian 2002-2008
Caldera Niagara 2002-2008
Caldera Geneva 2002-2008
Caldera Hawaiian 2002
Caldera Elation 2009-2010

Item Description Part #
1 Control Head 2,3, Pump 11C 76269
2 Control Head 2 Pump 74903
2A Control Head 3 Pump 74902
3 Control Head 2 Pump w/o Blower 74904
4 Control Head 1 Pump w/o Blower 74905
5A Aux Control Head 3 Pump 74906
5B Aux Control Head 2 Pump 74380
5C Aux Control Head 2 Pump 74381
6 Control Head DJS 74938
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