74380 Aux. Pannel 2 Pump

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74380 Aux. Pannel 2 Pump
74380 Aux. Pannel 2 Pump


Please Use 77632

Removing the Auxiliary Control Head

1. Turn the power off to the spa.
2. Remove the equipment compartment door.
3. Access the control box.
4. Disconnect the auxiliary control head's modular connector/ribbon cable from the control box, refer to the appropriate Electrical Schematic for its location.
5. In some cases, it maybe necessary to remove the most accessible panels from the spa so that there is access from the control box to the auxiliary control head.

On the bartop:

1. Make sure the water line is below the bottom of the control head.
2. Using a thin metal blade, i.e. a putty knife, gently pry around the edges of the control head.
3. For 2002 mid 2003 units remove the side panels. Disconnect the cable from the control box and, starting at the box, remove the entire cable with the control panel. IMPORTANT“ AUXILLARY PANEL MUST HAVE AT LEAST 6 INCHES OF CABLE ATTACHED TO AVOID VIOLATING THE WARRANTY
For mid 2003“ Curr units - Disconnect the cable from the control box and attach a 20™ string to the connector. At the control head, gently pull the cable and string through the flex hose.
4. After removing the control head, clean off any gasket material or silicone from the opening in the shell.
Note: If the control head is being returned with a warranty claim, be sure to package it in original factory packaging (the packaging from the replacement box can be used).

Installing the New Auxiliary Control Head

1. Align the panel up with the opening.
For 2002“ mid 2003 units“ Using the new cable and masking tape, place it along between
the spa lip and the paper. For the corners, it may be necessary to attach it to a dowel with a
piece of tape and poke it through the paper.
For mid 2003“ Curr units - Attach a 20™ string to the connector of the new control head.
At the control box, gently pull the cable and string through the flex hose.
2. Rest the control panel in the location where it will be installed.
3. Connect the cable into the appropriate receptacle in the control box; refer to the Electrical
Schematic for proper location.
4. Apply power and verify that the following are operative and make sure that the control panel
is operating by running all functions.

  • Indicator Lights
  • Locking Features
  • Jets
  • Light
  • Set Temperature

5. Locate the gasket in the kit and fit it over the control head so that it can rest on the bartop.
6. Dry fit the gasket. The masking tape can but used to outline proper placement.
7. Remove the remaining backing from the gasket and adhere it to the bartop.
8. Place a 1/8 bead of clear silicone to the lip area of the control panel.
9. Fit the panel onto the gasket and press down evenly to secure in place.
10. Use the clean towel or rag to remove any excess silicone from the area.
11. Inform the spa owner to wait 24 hours before using the spa to allow the silicone to dry

 74380 Aux. Panel 2 Pump is for the following models:

Make Model Date Range
Caldera Tahitian 2002-2008
Caldera Niagara 2002-2008
Caldera Geneva 2002-2008
Caldera Hawaiian 2002
Caldera Elation 2009-2010

Item Description Part #
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