72181 VSR Directional Jet

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72181 VSR Directional Jet
72181 VSR Directional Jet
  • The VSR Jet is a powerful jet that combines water pressure and air to provide a substantial stream. The jet is located in the various sections of the spa to provide a theraputic massage to numerous parts of the body.


Before starting the replacement instructions have the spa drained with the foam dug out exposing the rear wall fitting retaining ring that holds the jet in place.

  • Turn the retaining ring counterclockwise to remove.
  • Remove the nozzle and seat ring.
  • Remove the front wallfitting.
  • Access the rear portion of the shell. NOTE: Removal of wood and foam may still be required.
  • Remove the rear wallfitting assembly from the spa's plumbing and once separated pull front wall fitting through the water side.
  • To replace the jetstream, reverse the steps.


Used from January 2001-September 2003 with Gray 4-1/2 " face, this assembly includes housing with 3/4" slip elbow on rear housing and the 3/8" barb for air line






Item Description Part #
1 Jet 2001 VSR Directional (2001 Thru 3rd QTR 2003) 72181
2 Jet VSR Eyeball Set Ass Dir. 005044
3 Jet VSR Insert Rotating Grey 005064
4A Jet VSR Jet W/ 1/2" Cut Body (Pre-2001) 005076
4B Jet 2001 VSR Rotory Modified (2001 Thru 3rd Qtr 2003) 72182
5 Jet VSR Bearings 005019
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