72181 VSR Directional Jet

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72181 VSR Directional Jet
72181 VSR Directional Jet
  • The VSR jet is a powerful jet that combines water pressure and air to provide a substantial stream. The jet is located in the various sections of the spa to provide a theraputic massage to numerous parts of the body. 

  • Before starting the replacement instructions have the spa drained with the foam dug out exposing the rear wall fitting retaining ring that holds the jet in place.

  • Turn the retaining ring counterclockwise to remove.
  • Remove the nozzle and seat ring.
  • Remove the front wallfitting.
  • Access the rear portion of the shell. NOTE: Removal of wood and foam may still be required.
  • Remove the rear wallfitting assembly from the spa's plumbing and once separated pull front wall fitting through the water side.
  • To replace the jetstream, reverse the steps.

Used from January 2001-September 2003 with gray 4-1/2 " face, this assembly includes housing with 3/4" slip elbow on rear housing and the 3/8" barb for air line.


Item Description Part #
1 Jet 2001 VSR Directional (2001 Thru 3rd QTR 2003) 72181
2 Jet VSR Eyeball Set Ass Dir. 005044
3 Jet VSR Insert Rotating Grey 005064
4A Jet VSR Jet W/ 1/2" Cut Body (Pre-2001) 005076
4B Jet 2001 VSR Rotory Modified (2001 Thru 3rd Qtr 2003) 72182
5 Jet VSR Bearings 005019
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