70466 Weir Blade Assembly

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70466 Weir Blade Assembly
70466 Weir Blade Assembly

The skimmer weir is located at the entrance to the filter compartment and is designed to allow water to enter the filter area. Additionally, the weir is designed to remove or skim any floating debris from the surface of the water.

When the filter area requires more water (jet pump activation), the weir will move down to allow more water to enter. Conversely, when the filter area requires less water (jet pump is deactivated), the weir will move up to decrease the amount of water entering the filter area.

The skimmer weir consists of a blade assembly, weir frame, pivot button, pivot brace and key.

  • If a weir blade becomes stuck in the up position, the jet pump can surge due to lack of water.
  • If a weir blade becomes stuck in the down position, the skimming action used to remove debris will be eliminated.
  1. With the complete weir assembly removed from the spa, locate the four weir bullets holding the weir blade into the weir frame.
  2. Compress the two bullets on one side of the blade, and remove the blade from the frame.


  1. Remove the filter lid.
  2. Remove the filters and standpipes.
    Caution: Never operate the spa with the standpipes removed.
  3. Locate the weir key under the weir blade.
  4. Turn the key one quarter turn to the right.
  5. Carefully lift the entire weir assembly from the filter compartment.


  1. Reinsert the weir blade into the weir frame. Ensure that all four bullets are in position.
  2. Slide the complete weir assembly into the filter compartment.
  3. Place the each of the two locating pins (top of weir frame) into the center hole of their respective pivot buttons. Do not place the locating pin in any other slot.
  4. After positioning the locating pins, use the weir key to secure the assembly.

70466 Skimmer Weir Blade Assembly is for the following models:

Make Model Date Range
Hot Spring Grandee 1990-1999
Hot Spring Jetsetter 1990-2003
Hot Spring Prodigy 1990-2003
Hot Spring Sovereign 1990-2003
Hot Spring Classic 1990-2000
Hot Spring Landmark 1997-1999
Hot Spring Sovereign IH 200v 1994-1996
Hot Spring Classic FH 220v 1994-1996


Item Description Part #
1A Blade Asembly White 70466
1B Blade Assembly C,Gry 71264
1C Blade Assembly W.Gry 73174
1D Blade Assemnly Taupe 72482
2 Compression Spring 33934
3 Bullet 33928
4A Weir Kit White 75060
4B Weir Kit C.Gry 71265
4C Weir Kit W.Gry 73175
4D Weir Kit Taupe 72483
5 Key 33933
6 Pivot Button 33931
7 Pivot Brace 33932
* Safety Grate White 73331
* Safety Grate C.Gry 73332
* Safety Grate W.Gry 73176
* Safety Grate Taupe 73333
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