70307 Moto-Massage Tubing w/O-Ring

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70307 Moto-Massage Tubing w/O-Ring
70307 Moto-Massage Tubing w/O-Ring

Moto-Massage Tubing

This part is a replacement Moto-Massage Tubing with O-Ring for select Hot Spring hot tub models. The tubing is designed using silicone and the complete unit includes air tubing.

Compatible with a variety of the 1989 to current Hot Spring Highlife, Hot Spot, and Solana spa models.

*Check specs section for full list of compatible models and years.


Make Model Date Range
Hot Spot TX 2011-2012
Solana SX 2006-2010
Solana TX 2006-2010
Solana RX 2006-2009

Item Description Part Number
1a Facia Plate Moto White 36079
1b Facia Plate Moto C Grey 36511
1c Facia Plate Moto W Grey 73305
2 Screw 16x3 34366
3a Screw Cover Moto White 36144
3b Scrrew Cover Moto c grey 36510
3c Screw Cover Moto w grey 73306
3d Screw Cover Taupe 71896
4 Moto Jet Assembly white 73307
5 Air Tube with o oring 70307
6 Abraision cap (air tube) 30723
7 O ring moto air tube 33020
8a Extrusion shim MM Short 36143
8b Extrusion shim MM Long 36557
* Check Valve 38390

* Non Illustrated Parts vertically within the niche.

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