39869 Air Valve Lever, Taupe

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39869 Air Valve Lever, Taupe
39869 Air Valve Lever, Taupe

This air control valve lever comes in a taupe color and replaces certain Hot Spring spa model levers.

39869 Air Valve Lever in Taupe is for the following models:

Make Model Date Range
Hot Spring Grandee 2002-2003
Hot Spring Vanguard 2002-2003
Hot Spring Jetsetter 2002-2003
Hot Spring Prodigy 2002-2003
Hot Spring Sovereign 2002-2003
Hot Spring Landmark 2002-2003
Hot Spring Highlife ILE 2003


Item Description Part #
1 Air Control Valve Gasket 33830
2 Air Control Valve Body 33838
3 Air Control Valve O-ring 33831
4 Air Control Valve O-ring 33832
5 Air Control Valve Stopper 33836
6a Bezel, Air Valve 1997 36503
6b Bezel Air Valve Grey 1997 36505
6c Bezel, Air Valve, Taupe 39878
7a Air Control Valve Lever White 33834
7b Air Control Valve Lever Gray 36209
7c Air Control Valve Lever Taupe 39869
8 Diverter Valve Kit Screw 8-16x1/2 33850
9a Air Control Valve Cap Seafoam Green 37496
9b Air Control Valve Cap Darkteal Quarite 37568
9c Air Control Valve Cap Taupe 39870
10 Screw N/A
11 Air Control Valve Piston Wth O-ring 70442
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