30365 Weir Screw

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30365 Weir Screw
30365 Weir Screw

Stainless steel weir screw that is 1/4'-20 x 3/4'SS. Use this screw to attach the Moto-Massage guide body to the spa's shell. This screw is also used when attaching the faceplate of the jet to the guide body.


Item Description Part #
1A WEIR White Replacement Kit (Discontinued) 71860
1B WEIR C.Gry Replacement Kit 71856
1C WEIR W.Gry Replacment Kit 73172
1D WEIR Taupe Replacement Kit (Discontinued) 72876
* Blade Replacement Kit White 72045
* Blade Replacement Kit C. Gry 72046
* Blade Replacement Kit W. Gry 73173
* Blade Replacement Kit Taupe 72877
* Screw 1/4-20x3/4 TH PLP SS MS 30365
* Boss Speaker 38508
* WEIR Retainer Pin 39283
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