34366 Screw PH PLP SS HILO

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34366 Screw PH PLP SS HILO
34366 Screw PH PLP SS HILO

Moto-Massage faceplate screws for Hot Spring Spas from 1997 to 2014, Solana models from 2000 to 2008, and Hot Spring Dream Jet pillows from 1995 to 1999.

The Dream Jet pillow is designed to provide a variable massage of the neck without getting the hair wet.

The air control valve can vary the intensity of the massage.

The Dream Jet pillow consists of two rotary jets covered by a patented soft pillow.

NOTE: The customer should not attempt to remove the pillow from the spa.




Description  Serial Numbers  Part No.
1 Facia Plate Dual Moto  KK GG JJ 1S1001 - Current  77185
2 Screw 10-16 x 3PH PLP SS Hi-lo KK GG JJ 1S1001 - Current  34366
3 Screw Cover Moto  KK GG JJ 1S1001 - Current  77241
4 Dual Moto Jet Assy  KK GG JJ 1S1001 - Current  77242
5 Air Tube w/o-ring moto -massage  KK GG JJ 1S1001 - Current  73539
6 Abrasion Cap (Air Tube )  KK GG JJ 1S1001 - Current  30723
7 O-ring Moto Air Tube  KK GG JJ 1S1001 - Current  33020
8 Dual Moto Niche Air Fitting  KK GG JJ 1S1001 - Current  73564
9 Manifold w/Arline Assembly  KK GG JJ 1S1001 - Current  73540
** Check valve  KK GG JJ 1S1001 - Current  38390



Item Description Part Number
1a Facia Plate Moto White 36079
1b Facia Plate Moto C Grey 36511
1c Facia Plate Moto W Grey 73305
2 Screw 16x3 34366
3a Screw Cover Moto White 36144
3b Scrrew Cover Moto c grey 36510
3c Screw Cover Moto w grey 73306
3d Screw Cover Taupe 71896
4 Moto Jet Assembly white 73307
5 Air Tube with o oring 70307
6 Abraision cap (air tube) 30723
7 O ring moto air tube 33020
8a Extrusion shim MM Short 36143
8b Extrusion shim MM Long 36557
* Check Valve 38390

* Non Illustrated Part

  1. Open or remove the spa cover.
  2. Using a standard blade screwdriver, remove the three faceplate screw covers.
  3. Remove the three screws securing the Moto Massage faceplate to the spa.
  4. Remove the Moto Massage faceplate.
  5. Reach into the jet recess and locate the air tube. Gently remove this tube from the barbed nipple at the back of the recess.
  6. Grasping the base of the Moto Massage (end closest to the rear of the jet recess) gently turn the entire assembly counterclockwise until it can be removed.
  7. To reinstall the Moto Massage, reverse steps 1 to 6.

Important Instructions Regarding Moto Massage Alignment: 

In order the for the Moto Massage to operate properly it is imperative that the Moto Massage nozzle be properly positioned after the assembly is tightened in the Moto niche.

To properly align, ensure that the two holes located on the nozzle face are position horizontally and that the Moto assembly travels vertically within the niche.

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