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Spa Filter Cap 3-1/2" Standpipe 31389

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31389 Cap Standpipe 3-1/2"
31389 Cap Standpipe 3-1/2"

Filter standpipe cap in white for Hot Spring Spas.

The standpipe, located in the filter compartment, consists of a standpipe and a cap. The standpipe is threaded into the filter wall fitting in the floor of the filter compartment. The standpipe secures the filter in a vertical position.


Item Description Part #
1 Drain Wallfitting 3/4 Inch 35911
2 Wallfitting, Rear: Wallfitting #1 Rear 30490
3 O-ring: 0-ring 2.350inx.190in 30 Sil 30482
4a Wallfitting #1 Front 30488
4b Wallfitting, Grey W/O Knockout 71263
5a Standpipe Filter 9-3/4In 31390
5b Standpipe, W/Restrictor 76504
6 Filter, 65Sf Tri-X 9/Cs 73250
7a Standpipe,Cap 3-1/2,Hss,White 31389
7b Standpipe,Cap 3-1/2,Tr,Grey 36513
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