30208 Spa High Limit

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30208 Spa High Limit
30208 Spa High Limit

WARNING: The spa high limit is a safety device and should never be bypassed or tampered with.

The spa high limit is a safety device designed to shut off all power to the spa should the water temperature reach 118 (plus or minus 4) degrees F. This will prevent damage to the spa or injury to bathers from excessively hot water.

The spa high limit can be reset when the temperature inside the spa has cooled. To reset the high limit, push the red button on the side of the control box (labeled spa).

NOTE: Often the high limit can be reset upon arriving to service a spa because the water in the spa body has cooled. In these cases, the cause of the high limit trip must be found to prevent the high limit from tripping again.

30208 Spa High Limit is for the following models:

Make Model Date Range
Hot Spring Grandee 1991-1994
Hot Spring Jetsetter 1991-1994
Hot Spring Prodigy 1991-1994
Hot Spring Sovereign 1991-1994
Hot Spring Highlife 1991-1994
Hot Spring Classic 1991-1994
Hot Spring Sovereign IH 200v 1994
Hot Spring Classic FH 220v 1994


WARNING: The spa high limit is a safety device and should never be tampered with or bypassed.

NOTE: Thermostats should never be replaced without performing a calibration test.

  1. Disconnect power to the spa.
  2. Access the equipment compartment.
  3. Access the control box.
  4. Locate the spa high limit.
  5. Disconnect the two wires noting their proper position.
  6. Remove the two screws holding the spa high limit into the control box.
  7. Remove the spa high limit from the control box.
  8. Follow the spa high limit capillary tube to the thermowell.
  9. Remove the putty from the thermowell opening and remove both sensing bulbs.

    Note: The second sensing bulb belongs to the control thermostat.

    Hint: When removing the two sensing bulbs, note how they fit together. This will ease reinstallation.

  10. Unwind the spa high limit capillary tube from the plastic protective wrap.
  11. To reinstall the spa high limit, reverse steps 1 to 10.

    Important: After reinstalling the thermostat sensing bulbs into the thermowell, remember to plug the thermowell opening with putty.

    Caution: Do not cut, bend or kink the thermostat capillary tubes or sensing bulbs. Damage to these components will affect their calibration. As the spa high limit is a safety device, severe damage or injury may result if this component is damaged in any way.


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