Jed 1003 Ozone replacement

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Jed 1003 Ozone replacement
Jed 1003 Ozone replacement

The JED 1003 is a CD or "corona discharge" type ozone generator designed for water purification For Hot SPring Spas.  It is typically installed in conjunction with a venturi injector, bypass adapter, or dedicated air jet.  In smaller, portable hot tubs, it should be used with an adequate contact or mixing chamber.
Ozone output:  0.2 grams per hour
Input voltage 120 VAC, 60 Hz  (240V units are marked accordingly)
Operating current - 0.5 Amperes
Power consumption - 60 Watts

It is ideal for spas 350 gallons or Larger.  Ozone System comes with air tubing,air check valve, and plug to go in hotspring spas 1995 to current

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