Hot Spring Spas 74427 E5 Single Speed Circulation Pump

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360 E5 Single Speed Circulation Pump

Circulation Pump

This part is a replacement single speed circulation pump for your Hot Spring hot tubs. 115 volt 39 watt pump made to circulate 6,000 gallons of water every 24 hours.

The E5 pump saves more on electricity and has a safety shut off feature to prevent overheating. Compatible with a variety of 1989 to current Hot Spring Highlife, Hot Spot, Limelight, and Tiger River spa models.

*Check specs section for full list of compatible models and years.


Make Model Date Range
Hot Spring Grandee 1990-Current
Hot Spring Vista  2004-2013
Hot Spring Envoy 2004-Current
Hot Spring Vanguard 2001-Current
Hot Spring Grandee NXT 2014-Current
Hot Spring Envoy NXT 2014-Current
Hot Spring Jetsetter NXT 2014-Current
Hot Spring Jetsetter 1990-Current
Hot Spring Prodigy 1990-Current
Hot Spring Classic 1990-2000
Hot Spring Accolade 2005-2006
Hot Spring Landmark 1995-2003
Hot Spring Summit 1995-1996
Hot Spring Aria 2007-Current
Hot Spring Highlife ILE 2003
Tiger River Bengal 1997-2010
Tiger River Siberian 1997-2004
Tiger River Caspian 2003-2010
Tiger River Sumatran 1997-2010
Tiger River Tondi 1995-1996
Tiger River Khyber 1994-1996
Tiger River Manora 1995-1996
Tiger River Tondi PH 220 1996
Tiger River Manora MH 220 1996
Caldera Tahitian 2000-Current
Caldera Niagara 2000-Current
Caldera Geneva 2000-Current
Caldera Cantabria 2009-Current
Caldera Hawaiian 2000-2010
Caldera Kauai 2000-2015
Caldera Moorea 2006-2010
Caldera Salina 2011-2015
Caldera Makena 2013-2015
Caldera Martinique 2000-2015
Caldera Aspire 2004-2008
Caldera Elation 2003-2010
Limelight Bolt 2012-Current
Limelight Pulse 2008-Current
Limelight Gleam 2013-Current
Limelight Flair 2008-Current
Limelight Glow 2008-Current

 Item  Description  Part #
 1  CIRC PUMP, E5 60HZ  74427
 2  CORD, CIRC PUMP  71434


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