70190 Drain Flange Threaded

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70190 Drain Flange Threaded
70190 Drain Flange Threaded


The drain system consists of a drain opening in the footwell. The drain valve located in the equipment compartment controls the drain.


  1. Disconnect power to the spa.
  2. Drain the spa.
  3. Access the equipment compartment.
  4. Locate the drain in the equipment compartment.
  5. Remove the drain plug.
  6. Turn the handle counter clockwise to remove it.
  7. Remove the drain handle.
  8. Tip the spa upside down or onto it's side.
  9. Locate the drain opening in the wood toe-kick. The drain is located directly behind this wood.
  10. Beginning at this spot, remove foam until the drain valve is exposed.
  11. Locate the four screws on the front of the drain valve.
  12. Using a phillips screwdriver, remove the four screws.
  13. Remove the front threaded flange, drain valve and the two flange seals.
  14. To replace the drain valve, reverse steps 1 to 13.


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