Hot Spring 76228 Heater Assembly Titanium - 4 kW

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360 Hot Spring 76228 Heater Assembly Titanium - 4 kW

This is a factory replacement heater with a built in pressure switch, and is for Hot Spring, Limelight, and Tiger River hot tub models.

76228 Heater Assembly Titanium 4kW is for the following models:

Make Model Date Range
Hot Spring Grandee 2005-Current
Hot Spring Vista 2005-2013
Hot Spring Envoy 2004-Current
Hot Spring Vanguard 2005-Current
Hot Spring Grandee NXT 2014-Current
Hot Spring Envoy NXT 2014-Current
Hot Spring Aria 2007-Current
Limelight Pulse 2008-Current
Limelight Gleam 2013-Current
Limelight Flair 2008-Current
Limelight Glow 2008-Current

Item Decription Serial Numbers Uses Part #
1 Screw All 1E1001 - Current 35162
2a Heater Titanium 6kw  All 1E1001 - Current 76227
2b PDR Heater Retro Fit 6kw All 1E1001 - Current 73790*
2c Heater Titanium 6kw All 1E1001 - Current 76228
2d PDR Heater Retro Fit 4kw All 1E1001 - Current 73791
3 Clamp 3/4" All 1E1001 - Current 300055
4 Tubing 3/4" All 1E1001 - Current 70315
5 O ring Hi Limit All 1E1001 - Current 34879**
6 High Limit Thermistor All 1E1001 - Current 39205
7 O Ring Control Thermistor All 1E1001 - Current 34878**
8 Control Thermistor All 1E1001 - Current 39204


* If used as a replacement A Flow Jumper (P/N 72768)  Must be Installed On Connector 34

** See Thermistor Page For Exact Serial Number Tracking Information


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