33103 Filter Canister

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33103 Filter Canister
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33103 Filter Canister
33103 Filter Canister

The filter canister assembly, located on the bartop, consists of a filter canister, lid, cover, lock ring, air relief valve and filter. The filter canister assembly is located on the discharge of the jet pump. When the spa is operating, the jet pump forces the water through the filter canister assembly.

Additionally, the filter canister has a spring loaded bypass. The bypass is designed to allow water to flow around the filter when the filter becomes dirty or clogged.

The filter canister must have the air removed from the filter canister assembly.

To remove the air from the filter canister assembly, refer to the following instructions;

  1. Verify the cap is on the drain valve and the drain valve is closed.
  2. Fill the spa with water.
  3. Verify the filter canister lock ring has been installed.
  4. Verify the air relief valve is closed.
  5. Fill the spa with water.
  6. Plug the spa into the house receptacle.
  7. Verify the GFCI on the control box has been reset.
  8. Turn on the jet pump using the pushbutton located on the bartop.
  9. With the jet pump operating, slowly open the air relief valve. If air starts coming from the air relief valve, leave the air relief valve open.
  10. When water sprays from the air relief valve, close the air relief valve.

33103 Filter Canister is for the following models: 

Make Model Date Range
Hot Spot Square 1995-1997
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