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74500 Spa Frog Holder Assembly

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74500 Spa Frog Holder Assembly
74500 Spa Frog Holder Assembly

74500 Spa Frog Holder Assembly is for the following models.       


Make Model Date Range
Caldera Tahitian 2009-Current
Caldera Niagara 2009-Current
Caldera Geneva 2009-Current
Caldera Cantabria 2009-Current
Caldera Hawaiian 2009-2010
Caldera Kauai 2009-2015
Caldera Moorea 2009-2010
Caldera Salina 2011-2013
Caldera Makena 2013-2015
Caldera Martinique 2009-2015
Caldera Palatino 2010-Current
Caldera Marino 2010-Current
Caldera Vanto 2011-Current
Caldera Aventine 2006-Current
Caldera Elation 2009-2010
Caldera Tarino 2013-Current
Caldera C 30 2009
Caldera C 45 2009

 Item  Description  Part #
 1  Cap  77608
 2  Cartridge Holder  74500
 3  Collar  74501
 4  Housing  74502
 5  Cartridge  N/A
 6  Restrictor  77410
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