Hot Spring Spas 73791 No Fault Heater - 4 kW

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Hot Spring Spas 73791 No Fault Heater - 4 kW
Hot Spring Spas 73791 No Fault Heater - 4 kW

No-Fault Heater Assembly, 4 kW

This contains a no fault titanium heater with a 4kW to plug into the motherboard. The heater also provides new thermistor O-rings.

You will have to add the 72768 jumper pressure switch if you are replacing the 76228 heater assembly. Compatible with a variety of the 1994 to current Hot Spring Highlife, Limelight, and Tiger River spa models.

*Check specs section for full list of compatible models and years.

Make Model Date Range
Hot Spring Grandee 1995-2018
Hot Spring Vanguard 2014-2018
Hot Spring Prodigy 1994
Hot Spring Aria 2007-2018
Hot Spring Highlife 1994-1996
Hot Spring Classic 1994
Hot Spring Sovereign IH 200v 1995-1996
Hot Spring Classic FH 220v 1994
Limelight Flash 2018-Current
Limelight Glow 2008-2017
Limelight Gleam 2013-2017
Limelight Flair 2008-Current
Limelight Pulse 2008-Current
Tiger River Siberian 1995-2004
Tiger River Tondi PH 230v 1995-1996
Tiger River Manora MH 230v 1995-1996
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