Hot Spring 76227 Heater Assembly Titanium - 6 kW

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76227 Heater Assembly
76227 Heater Assembly

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This heater model comes with a pressure switch, which is build into the heater. This model will plug into the motherboard directly and is easy to use. The motherboard will detect when heater is shut down and display the information visually with lights.

No Fault Heater with Pressure Switch Wire Replacement 6kW for the following models:

Make Model Date Range
Hot Spring Grandee 2003-2004
Hot Spring Vista 2004
Hot Spring Vanguard 2003-2004
Hot Spring Jetsetter NXT 2014-Current
Hot Spring Jetsetter 2003-Current
Hot Spring Prodigy 2003-Current
Hot Spring Sovereign 2003-Current
Hot Spring Accolade 2005-2006
Hot Spring Landmark 2003
Hot Spring Highlife ILE 2003
Tiger River Bengal 2003-2010
Tiger River Sumatran 2005-2010
Tiger River Bengal MM 2005-2010
Limelight Bolt 2012-current

Item Decription Serial Numbers Uses Part #
1 Screw All 1E1001 - Current 35162
2a Heater Titanium 6kw  All 1E1001 - Current 76227
2b PDR Heater Retro Fit 6kw All 1E1001 - Current 73790*
2c Heater Titanium 6kw All 1E1001 - Current 76228
2d PDR Heater Retro Fit 4kw All 1E1001 - Current 73791
3 Clamp 3/4" All 1E1001 - Current 300055
4 Tubing 3/4" All 1E1001 - Current 70315
5 O ring Hi Limit All 1E1001 - Current 34879**
6 High Limit Thermistor All 1E1001 - Current 39205
7 O Ring Control Thermistor All 1E1001 - Current 34878**
8 Control Thermistor All 1E1001 - Current 39204

* If used as a replacement A Flow Jumper (P/N 72768)  Must be Installed On Connector 34

** See Thermistor Page For Exact Serial Number Tracking Information

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