73997 Air Control Lever, Warm Grey

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73997 Air Control Lever, Warm Grey
73997 Air Control Lever, Warm Grey

Air control valves, located on the spa’s bartop, allow the spa user to control/adjust the amount of air that is supplied to specific hydrotherapy jets in the spa. The amount of air is controlled/adjusted by a turn of the air lever. The more air, the stronger the jet pressure feels.

The force of the water pressure rushing through the individual jets in a Venturi effect inducts the air through the air valves. The air check valves located in the equipment compartment under the bartop provide the air intake for the air valves.

73997 Air Control Lever in Warm Grey is for the following models:

Make Model Date Range
Hot Spring Grandee 2006-2008
Hot Spring Vista  2006-2008
Hot Spring Envoy 2006-2008
Hot Spring Vanguard 2006-2008
Hot Spring Jetsetter 2006-2008
Hot Spring Prodigy 2006-2008
Hot Spring Sovereign 2006-2008





Item Description Part #
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1e Kit Air Control Lever IMD CG 73826
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