73808 Needle Valve

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73808 Needle Valve
73808 Needle Valve

Needle Valve - Ozone Air Adjusting Kit for Freshwater 3 Ozonators.


The ozone tube connects to the injector and provides air to the ozone purification system to "inject" ozone into the circulation system. The injector is placed in the circulation system after the heater, circulation pump and bleedline. As water passes through the injector, a vacuum is created via the ozone supply hose. The vacuum draws air through the ozonator producing the ozone gas. The ozone then travels through supply tubing to the injector and into the spa water. The tiny bubbles coming from the heater return are ozone. The air at some point may be come excessive and create a good deal of noise. The air restrictor ( Straight Needle Valve) will reduce the amount of air and inturn reduce the noise. It should be noted that anytime air in introduced to the circulation line ( Ozone) noise will be present. No ozone in the spa will result in silent operation.


Parts Included in the Kit (72228):


White hose clamp

Tools Required:

  • Ozone Restrictor (If requiredonly)
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Hose Clamping Pliers
  • Sharp pair of Scissors

Removal Instructions:

  1. Remove air stone from the bottom of the ozonator
  2. With air valve in hand and two 1-inch sections of tubing attach on each end of the valve. See illustration
  3. Attach stone to one end
  4. Attach black tube to clear tube opposite the end with the air stone.
  5. Attach the assembly to the ozone air intake. (Where you took the stone off)
  6. Adjust air intake to reduce the air noise


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