73356 Kit, On/Off Valve Insert

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73356 Kit, On/Off Valve Insert
73356 Kit, On/Off Valve Insert

This on/off valve insert is used for some 2004-current Hot Spring spa models. If the soothing stream fountain leaks when current valve is shut off completely, replace the damaged valve with this part.



Item Description Part #
1A Kit On/Off Valve Handle C. Gry 73316
1B Kit On/Off Valve Handle W. Gry 73327
2A Kikt Bezel On/Off Valve C.Gry 73352
2B Kit Bezel On/Off W. Gry 73353
2C Kit Bezel On/Off IMD W. Gry **73821
2D Kit Bezel On/Off IMD C. Gry **73830
3A Kit On/Off Collar C. Gry 73626
3B Kit On/Off Collar W. Gry 73627
4 Kit On/Off Valve Insert 73356
5 Kit On/Off Valve .75 73351
6A O Ring 73483
6B O Rin (10 Pack) 73484
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