73298 Drain Valve Cap

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73298 Drain Valve Cap
73298 Drain Valve Cap

Item Discontinued use part number 30700

The drain system consists of a drain opening in the footwell. The drain valve located on the front toe-kick of the spa.


Draining the spa

  1. Disconnect power cord from the house receptacle.
  2. Place the cord in an elevated position to prevent water from entering the GFCI at the end of the cord.
  3. Vent the spa cover by folding it in half or opening it entirely.
  4. Locate the main drain for the spa.
  5. Pull the drain handle out until you reach the mid position.
  6. Rotate handle slightly to fully extend.
  7. Remove the drain cap.
  8. Attach inlet of a garden hose to the end of the drain. Route the outlet of the hose to a prpoer darin area.
  9. Push drain tube about half way back to begin draining spa. Spa will drain while the drain is in the mid position.
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